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22nd Jan 2016
led par light lighting disco party mirror ball toronto canada

56W LED PAR Light with Rotating Head

Big City now offers a 56W (7x8W RGBW 4 in 1)  Rotating head LED PAR light. It can be controlled via auto, manual, DMX, or sound activated. See video of...

21st Jan 2016
sand bag Canada Toronto film grip

Sand Bags

Big City now has there own line of sand bags.  A sandbag constructed like a saddle bag. The two pockets can be filled to provide weight and used to hold...

20th Jan 2016
strobe led light dmx controlled canada

High Power LED Strobe with Remote

Big City now offers a high power LED strobe that can be controlled via manual, auto, DMX or sound activated. Great for parties, stage shows, events and even film shoots....

25th Dec 2015
Nanuk 945 hard case photo video

Nanuk 945 Hard Case

The NANUK 945 is the largest and therefore most flexible of all the Canadian manufactured NANUK cases. The military grade water resistant box is extremely secure as well as it comes...

23rd Dec 2015
canada dimable ring light nova stellar diva ringlight

Dimable Fluorescent Diva Ring Light

Big City does it again, we now offer a dimable 18″ fluorescent ring light for only $250 CDN Yes that’s right only $250 CANADIAN DOLLARS! The worlds most popular ringlight,...

20th Dec 2015
Led Soft Slim Panel

Super Light, thin and soft LED Soft Box Panel

It’s like a LED soft box! Big city now offers a super thin, super light, super soft LED panel, as it has a strong built in diffuser and wide led spread...

23rd Oct 2015
c stand canada grip century toronto film video ledgo

Heavy Duty C-Stand

The Classic (Century) C-Stand. C-stands are heavy, and this leg style further concentrates that weight at the base than a traditional light stand. Which gives them more stability than traditional stands. They...

09th Oct 2015
lighting kit toronto film video

The Ultimate Travel LED Lighting Kit

Big City now offers a great solution for location shooting, a 2 light kit that comes with all you need to shoot anywhere, anytime. The kit includes: 2 LED BI-COLOUR...

25th Sep 2015
led bicolour bi-color colour color variable temperature

Big City New Dawn Series Bi-Colour LED Panels

With tight production schedules any time saved in avoiding re-lamping or swapping out filters or fixtures means money saved. The Big City Bi-Colour Variable Colour Temperature LED Panels are the...

27th Aug 2015
Big City classic Series Bi-Colour LED Panels

Big City Classic Series Daylight LED Panels

    Our most popular and affordable daylight balanced LED panels. High output and low power usage, these panels give great bang for the buck. All units come with diffusion...

22nd Jun 2015
UFO LED Light party canada

Big City UFO LED Party Light

  Looking for a great party light at a low cost? Well look no further, The Big City UFO LED Party Light is the solution. Priced at $25, these party Lights can get...

21st Jun 2015

Par Multi-Colour LED PAR Spot Lights, RGB and RGBW

Big City offers 2 models of Par Lights. The first is a affordable RGB (Red, Green, Blue) “Mini” light that sells for $59, and the second is a higher wattage...