Big City Flo Lights LED Fresnel Diva Ringlight

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23rd Jun 2015
8 head spot light

RGBW – 8 Spot moving LED light

Great for stage shows or other events the 8 head multicolour head puts on a show and adds some pizazz to your event! 8*10W RGBW Moving Head LED Light LED...

09th Jun 2015
Led Soft Slim Panel

Super Light and Super Soft LED Thin Panel

Big city now offers a super thin, super light, super soft LED panel, as it has a strong built in diffuser and wide led spread it mimics a medium size...

09th Jun 2015
lighting kit toronto film video

The Ultimate Travel LED Lighting Kit

Big City now offers a great solution for location shooting, a 2 light kit that comes with all you need to shoot anywhere, anytime. The kit includes: 2 LED BI-COLOUR...

23rd May 2015
Screen shot 2015-06-23 at 12.28.55 PM

Public vs Privacy Rights in Public Photography

Back in March 2015, Arkansas Senate was working to pass bill SB-79. Bill SB-79 is named the Personal Protection Act, which claims to protect the privacy of citizens when in...

22nd May 2015
UFO LED Light party canada

Big City UFO LED Party Light

  Looking for a great party light at a low cost? Well look no further, The Big City UFO LED Party Light is the solution. Priced at $25, these party Lights can get...

21st May 2015

Par Multi-Colour LED Spot Lights, RGB and RGBA

Big City offers 2 models of Par Lights. The first is a affordable RGB (Red, Green, Blue) “Mini” light that sells for $50, and the second is a higher wattage...

21st May 2015

3 Roll Backdrop Holder

Big City offers a affordable solution to mount your backdrops in your studio.  It has room for 3 separate rolls, and each can be lowered or raised with a built...

12th May 2015

Heavy Duty Light Stand

Our most popular light stand, this stand is well built and can hold up to 15KG of weight.  It collapses down for ease of transport. If you buy 2 of...