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19th Aug 2016
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LUXPAD22 on Camera Bi-Colour Light

  This thin, lightweight, bi-colour camera light will add a great look to any shot. The LUXPAD22 is Bi-Colour with dimmer controls adding to its versatility so you can get the right...

04th Aug 2016
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Big City Fancy light

  This new 30W Fancy Light will be the life at any event or party. With a built in red and green laser and RGBYW LED lights, this light has...

04th Aug 2016
glasses free, 3D, 3D movies, new tech, technology

Watch 3D Movies Without Glasses?

I love 3D just as much as the next person. I can admit that I saw Avatar in 3D 4 times and it was a magical experience that changed my...

20th Jul 2016
Ultimate NEW Diva Ring Light pink white LED Canada Toronto

The Ultimate Diva LED Ring Light with Mirror and Cell Phone Holder

A hot new product offered by Big City, the “Ultimate Diva”.   It comes in either pink or white and includes a mirror and cell phone holder that makes it...

25th Jun 2016
ringlight diva big city stellar ring light

Fluorescent Diva Ringlight

The worlds most popular ringlight, the Big City 18″ Fluorescent Diva Ringlight. It puts out the equivalent amount of light as 500W incandescent light but it only uses 65W of...

11th Jun 2016
wall washer LED sale canada toronto vancouver montreal 1 meter

1 Meter Long RGB Wall Washer Party Light

Big City LED RGB Wallwasher Light – 1 Meter Long 28W Indoor LED Bar Wall Washer Light. Control Modes are: DMX512, Sound Active, AUTO, Master/slave Can put it in on...

20th Apr 2016
Led Soft Slim Panel

Super Light, thin and soft LED Soft Box Panel

Finally a LED soft box! Big city now offers a super thin, super light, super soft LED panel, as it has a strong built in diffuser and wide LED spread, so it creates a medium...

13th Apr 2016
field monitor canada seetec seetech 7

7″ HD Field Monitor for Cameras

Big City now offers an affordable 7″ field monitor from our manufacturing partners at Seetec.  It offers high end features like focus assist, various aspect ratios, zebra stripes and other...

09th Apr 2016
lighting kit toronto film video

The Ultimate Travel LED Lighting Kit

Big City now offers a great solution for location shooting, a 2 light kit that comes with all you need to shoot anywhere, anytime. The kit includes: 2 LED MINI...

07th Apr 2016
Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 11.44.58 AM

Nanuk 960 Hard case With Wheels

The NANUK 960 is the newest and largest protective case that is on wheels. Designed and manufactured in Canada by Plasticase, the military grade water resistant box is extremely secure...

21st Mar 2016

Multi-Colour LED PAR Spot Lights, 3 different Models

  Big City offers 3 models of PAR Lights. The first is a affordable RGB (Red, Green, Blue) “Mini” 18w light that sells for $49, the second is a medium...