Big City Flo Lights LED Fresnel Diva Ringlight

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09th Oct 2015
film video lighting lights

52 Megapixel, 4K Video, 16 Lens Camera That Fits In Your Pocket

Tired of lugging a bag full of camera gear around every time you want to take great pictures? Not satisfied  with the images or video you get from your smartphone?  Well Rajiv Laroia,...

24th Sep 2015
big city sandbag sand bag toronto canada montreal calgary vancouver

Sand Bags

Big City now has there own line of sand bags.  A sandbag constructed like a saddle bag. The two pockets can be filled to provide weight and used to hold...

25th Aug 2015
ringlight diva big city stellar ring light

Fluorescent Diva Ringlight

The worlds most popular ringlight, the Big City 18″ Fluorescent Diva Ringlight. It puts out the equivalent amount of light as 500W incandescent light but it only uses 65W of...

09th Jul 2015
LHET10W-Moving Head-2

Moving head RGBW LED Spot with 8 built in Gobos

  Rotating Moving Head 10W – RGBW SPOT WITH 8 GOBOS – LED source: 10W RGBW 4-IN-1 LED diode – LED effect colors: 8 colors, such as red, green, blue,...

09th Jul 2015
240 LED on Camera Bi-Colour Light

240 Bi-Colour LED on Camera Light

  Looking for a variable colour temperature (3200-5600K) on camera LED light?  Then look no further.  Big City offers a 240 LED bi-colour light at an affordable price! It works with any camera...

23rd Jun 2015
8 head spot light

RGBW – 8 Spot moving LED light

Great for stage shows or other events the 8 head multicolour head puts on a show and adds some pizazz to your event! 8*10W RGBW Moving Head LED Light LED...

22nd Jun 2015
UFO LED Light party canada

Big City UFO LED Party Light

  Looking for a great party light at a low cost? Well look no further, The Big City UFO LED Party Light is the solution. Priced at $25, these party Lights can get...

12th Jun 2015

Heavy Duty Light Stand

Our most popular light stand, this stand is well built and can hold up to 15KG of weight.  It collapses down for ease of transport. Range of motion is 3-10...