Big City Flo Lights LED Fresnel Diva Ringlight

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27th Mar 2015
LED super bank four 4 foot video photo

4 foot LED Superbank

When you need a ton of light or need to light a full body of someone the Big City LED Superbank is the right tool for the job. It only...

25th Mar 2015
ringlight diva big city stellar ring light

Diva Ringlight

The worlds most popular ringlight, the Big City 18″ Diva Ringlight. It puts out the equivalent amount of light as 500W incandescent light but it only uses only 65W of...

25th Mar 2015
led bicolour bi-color colour color variable temperature

Big City New Dawn Series Bi-Colour LED Panels

With tight production schedules any time saved in avoiding re-lamping or swapping out filters or fixtures means money saved. The Big City Bi-Colour Variable Colour Temperature LED Panels are the...

25th Mar 2015

Silver/Gold Reflectors

Reflectors are great way to add a little extra light into any photo or video.  Weather you are using the sun or a light, you can bounce a little light...

25th Mar 2015
super boom stand film lighting canada toronto montreal vancouver

Super Boom Stand on Wheels

Big City Super Boom Stand with Counterweight. NEW with a 1 year warranty. Key Features – Double leg bracking provides extra stability, giving the stand more strength – Fitted with...

25th Mar 2015
Nanuk 945 hard case photo video

Nanuk 945 Hard Case

The NANUK 945 is the largest and therefore most flexible of all the Canadian manufactured NANUK cases. The military grade water resistant box is extremely secure as well as it comes...

25th Mar 2015
304 on camera LED light

Mr. Big On Camera 304 LED Light

Our largest on camera LED light. It offers a high output light at an affordable price! Average Service Life of LED Bulbs: 10000 hours. 304 daylight balanced LEDs Super lightweight....

25th Mar 2015
4 foot flo bank lighting film video

4 foot Flo Superbank

When you need a 4 foot long and powerful light.  2K output, at an affordable cost! Runs on standard 110W input (No generators or special cabling needed, just plug it in!)...